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About Us

The Crossing Point is a leading addiction and mental health organization that integrates evidence based practice with pragmatic and creative treatment approaches, meeting clients where they are.

Mission Statement

Keeping families together is our goal – transforming lives of individuals and families- one life at a time is our mission. 


The Crossing Point follows a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual understanding of how one comes to have an addiction as well as how to treat this problem. The Crossing Point does not believe that addiction is a disease in the traditional medical sense of the word. Much semantics can be held around this word and we choose not to use it for its connotation of helplessness once contracted. Addiction is a maladaptive choice that one makes and has trouble managing, based on issues compounding them from many areas of life— hence, Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual.

Through careful and intense exploration of one’s issues and influences, a person can become aware of how their addiction manifests itself, gaining greater control over its influence. We believe that once many underlying issues from the past are processed and put to rest, one does not need this maladaptive coping mechanism as strongly (Psychological). Does it just go away? No. Ongoing awareness and balance in one’s life is necessary. Further, current research on the brain shows it will take time to retrain the brain to enjoy pleasure around normal life experiences, as well as, change old ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling. Due to neuroplasticity a person can change their brain! Diet, exercise and sleep are also very important in recovery (biological). It is crucial that one leaves treatment to a supportive environment and somewhere that is safe (social). Lastly, all human beings need some sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and leaving addiction behind entails putting something real, authentic, and valuable in its place (spiritual). Again, the cause of addiction is multidimensional and it takes a multidimensional, or holistic, approach to change one’s life to that of health, wholeness and wellness.


The Crossing Point’ approach is a holistic, person-centered approach that follows a pragmatic philosophy of helping. It is important for our clients to be treated as adults, with respect, compassion, and understanding. We also believe in facilitating accountability, honesty, and responsibility. We choose to see and help the whole person, believing that addiction is tied to everything. Lastly, our approach is pragmatic in the sense that we work hard to figure out what works, what makes sense, and what meets a client where they are. We do not follow one major ideological framework that guides all our decisions; therefore, how we treat one client might not fit another. We also work hard to take into consideration how an individual or their treatment may impact the greater treatment community. This makes our work tough but effective, and requires creativity, objectivity, and flexibility. We ultimately want to challenge our clients to make new decisions in their life by empowering them, educating them, and supporting them.

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Our Goals

  • Abstinence from Drugs & Alcohol 
  • Repair Damage from addiction
  • Restore Hope to individual & family
  • Improve vocational functioning
  • Decrease legal issues related to addiction
  • Provide Tools for Healthy Living
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