Internet addiction signs, online addictions

Internet addiction signs, online addictions

1. One of the most common Internet addiction signs is losing track of how much time you really spend online. You may only intend to spend a few minutes but end up on the Internet for an hour or more without meaning to. You may find that you are web surfing for hours each day.

2. Online addictions interfere with daily tasks and responsibilities. If you find that you are not getting daily tasks completed because you are spending too much time online then this can be a warning sign that you may need treatment for this type of addiction.

3. One of the common Internet addiction signs is feelings of guilt or going on the defensive about how much time you spend in front of your computer or in the online world. You may find yourself defending your time on the Internet to friends and family members or feeling guilty about how much time you spend in this way.

4. Many online addictions interfere with relationships. You could find that you are becoming isolated from those who care about you, and that you prefer being online rather than dealing with people face to face. It is often easier to relate to people in the online world because it is more impersonal.

5. One of the Internet addiction signs to watch for is an exaggerated sense of excitement or euphoria while you are engaged in Internet activities. The Internet fills an internal need that you have, so you find yourself online more frequently and for longer periods of time.