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Why is Anger Management Needed During Substance Abuse Treatment?

June 23rd, 2014
anger management, substance abuse treatment, recovery process

anger management, substance abuse treatment, recovery process


One of the important components of effective substance abuse treatment is anger management, but why is this so important and how does it help the recovery process? Anger management helps you to learn to control and defuse your anger before it can cause harm to you or others. Being angry is one of the most common relapse triggers when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse, and one of the most frequent answers given about why a relapse has occurred. In this type of therapy you will learn to recognize the signs of anger and how to short circuit this emotion before it can get worse or become explosive. Many people have never learned to control this emotion and it has had a destructive effect on their lives.

Anger management therapy is vital in order for the recovery process to go smoothly. During substance abuse treatment and recovery you may find yourself getting irate over even the smallest of things, and this emotion can be incredibly damaging. The same hidden wounds and invisible traumas that lead to substance abuse can also cause issues with controlling anger or feeling this emotion frequently. If you or someone you know needs substance abuse treatment then it is important to make sure that any rehab offers anger management therapy to help work through any anger issues during the recovery process. If a substance abuse treatment program does not offer this component then you may want to pick another facility instead.


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