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Are Computer Based Substance Abuse Programs Effective?

January 23rd, 2015
computer based substance abuse programs, relapse rates

computer based substance abuse programs, relapse rates


One of the latest methods of treating alcohol and drug abuse is the use of computer based substance abuse programs, but are these programs really effective? Advances in technology mean that almost every household in Canada and the USA has access to a computer and the Internet, and computer based programs are being offered to military members in the USA in some situations. Computer based substance abuse programs often use a peer model, offering support and encouragement while helping the individual understand everything they need to know about their substance abuse. These programs can not be as effective as individual counseling sessions, and the person with the addiction is not secluded from the rest of the world and daily stresses. For some people a computer based model may be the only real option though, and in these situations some help is better than none at all.

The relapse rates seen with computer based substance abuse programs may be lower than some other options like faith based inpatient programs, but it can be an alternative to crowded and highly stressful community based programs with limited treatment options for some people. If you live in a remote area and there are no suitable treatment programs available that you can afford then computer based substance abuse programs may be an option. The best rehab will be the one that helps you overcome your alcohol or drug abuse and allows you to understand the problem. You should evaluate and compare treatment programs based on your specific budget, needs, and preferences for the best possible results.


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