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The Benefits of Group Therapy For Substance Abuse Treatment

May 16th, 2014
group therapy, substance abuse treatment, individual counseling

group therapy, substance abuse treatment, individual counseling

Group therapy can provide many benefits during substance abuse treatment, as long as this type of therapy is provided by a well trained professional and is used appropriately. Group therapy works best when used along with individual therapy for substance abuse treatment, and the group approach can offer a number of benefits that can help you achieve a more permanent recovery and lower your relapse risks. One advantage with this therapy type is positive peer support, something that is not received with individual therapy and counseling. Members of the group also provide pressure for the individual to avoid drug or alcohol use. A big issue with substance abuse is a sense of isolation, and taking part in group therapy can eliminate this feeling.

During substance abuse treatment group therapy can help each participant see a success story. When one member of the group succeeds this can create a positive response from other group members. Group therapy also allows each person to see that others share the same struggles and human failings, and this can be an important part of the recovery process. Therapy sessions have a family like environment, and members can provide positive feedback and advice to each other. New members may find the support and resources offered by group therapy during substance abuse invaluable. Encouragement is important during the recovery process, and group sessions allow this encouragement to be offered by peers. When group and individual therapy are combined the results can be surprising, and your relapse risks can drop significantly.


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