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What is Morphine? How is a Morphine Addiction Treated?

June 30th, 2014
morphine, morphine addiction, prescription pain medication

morphine, morphine addiction, prescription pain medication


Morphine is a strong narcotic prescription pain medication that is manufactured from the opium poppy, and this drug can be highly addictive. Often a morphine addiction develops because the individual has a medical condition that requires strong prescription pain medication. Over time dependence on morphine will usually develop and the individual builds up a tolerance for the morphine. A stronger dose or more frequent dosage schedule may be needed to get the same effect. Eventually the individual has a full blown morphine addiction that impacts every area of their life. When the physician stops prescribing the drug then the user may turn to street sources, or even start using heroin as a substitute. If morphine addiction treatment is not sought the person will just continue to get worse in most cases.

Morphine addiction is treated the same as other prescription pain medication addictions. Normally inpatient rehab is the best option. Some facilities and programs may offer replacement therapy or methadone treatment in order to wean the individual off the opiate drug slowly and prevent severe cravings. Substance abuse treatment should always include individual counseling several times a week, group therapy just as frequently, and a variety of other treatment options to help you heal and fully recover. Anger Management, stress relief, nutritional counseling, equine therapy, musical appreciation, arts and crafts, and many other possible treatment choices can identify the best morphine addiction treatment programs. If you or a loved one has a problem with morphine or other types of prescription pain medication then there is help available.


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