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What Causes Prescription Drug Abuse?

June 20th, 2014
Prescription drug abuse, drug addiction

Prescription drug abuse, drug addiction

Prescription drug abuse or drug addiction is not something that anyone wants to have. What causes prescription drug abuse though, and why do some people experience this problem while others seem almost immune to prescription drug addiction? There are social and genetic factors involved in addiction, and some people are more vulnerable or predisposed to substance abuse than others. There is no way to pinpoint who is at the highest risk for abuse and addiction when it comes to prescription drugs or even street drugs, and engaging in substance abuse is like playing Russian roulette. A family history of substance abuse can mean a higher risk for prescription drug abuse but this may not always be the case. Peer pressure and social issues also play a role in the abuse of any type of substance.

In many cases prescription drug abuse or drug addiction starts out with legitimate medications. The individual may need pain medications like Vicodin or codeine because they have been injured, had dental work performed, or undergone a medical procedure that makes prescription pain medication necessary. Over time prescription drug abuse occurs because the individual has developed a tolerance for the drug so more is needed to achieve the same effect. Eventually the user is taken off the prescription pain medication but the addiction continues, and the user starts to look for the drug on the street. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem and treatment should be sought immediately if you or someone you care about has this problem.


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