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Prescription Medication Abuse Occurs at Almost All Ages and Income Levels

October 3rd, 2014
addiction, prescription medication abuse

addiction, prescription medication abuse


Prescription medication abuse and addiction is a problem that occurs at almost all ages and income levels, and it is a problem that many people struggle with on a daily basis. In some cases the prescribed medicines are needed initially, but as time goes on the individual starts to engage in prescription medication abuse in order to get the same effects because they have built up a tolerance to the drugs. Eventually a full blow addiction occurs, and the user may search for drugs on the street because their physician will no longer prescribe the medications. This can also lead to doctor shopping, with the user visiting several physicians and clinics in order to obtain the drug that they are addicted to.

There is no specific age or income level that is at a higher risk for prescription medication abuse and addiction. This problem can be found at almost any age, and it occurs at almost every income level. There is a misconception that only low income individuals abuse prescription drugs, when the truth is that even high level professionals like doctors, lawyers, and pilots engage in this activity. Professionals may be more careful to hide prescription medication abuse and addiction out of fear that they will lose their licenses and practices, but they are just as susceptible to this problem as people who live in poverty. In fact those with higher incomes can afford their addiction more readily than lower income individuals, but these people can also usually afford to pay for treatment that is more effective as well.


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