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Why “Once an Addict Always an Addict” is Not a True Statement

November 3rd, 2014
substance abuse problems, drug or alcohol treatment

substance abuse problems, drug or alcohol treatment


The saying once an addict always an addict is not a true statement, and this myth can be very damaging because it can discourage those with substance abuse problems from seeking the drug or alcohol treatment that they desperately need. There is help for addiction, and substance abuse does not have to continue for life. A permanent recovery can be reached, but only if the right drug or alcohol treatment program is used and the user truly wants to stop and finally deal with their substance abuse problems. Rehab has been shown to help even those individuals who were forced into a treatment program by the courts, but the right program may not give the desired results and will make a relapse far more likely once a treatment program is completed.

The right drug or alcohol treatment can stop substance abuse problems once and for all. In order for these problems to be eliminated the individual must work through the causes and contributing factors which created the substance abuse problems in the first place. The only way that this can be done is with individual counseling on a regular basis. Group therapy during drug or alcohol treatment has a place, and it helps the individual realize that they are not alone and that others struggle with the same substance abuse problems. Individual counseling is also essential though, because each user has different reasons why the drug or alcohol abuse occurs. One on one sessions can help uncover old wounds which are invisible, and finally resolve these past traumas once and for all.


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