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prescription drug abuse, prescription medication

1. Myth: A doctor prescribed the medication so the prescription drug must be safe.

Fact: Just because prescription drugs are prescribed by a doctor this does not make them safe to use for everyone. The drug is prescribed for a specific person and a specific medical condition, and it may affect others differently.

2. Myth: Prescription drug abuse starts on the street.

Fact: In many cases prescription drug abuse starts at home, not on the street. Children learn from parents, and if there are prescription medications taken by someone in the home then the child can usually access these drugs very easily. Many times prescription drug abuse starts at home, not on the streets.

3. Myth: It is okay to drink alcohol while taking prescription medication.

Fact: Anyone who is taking prescription medication for a medical problem, or those who take these drugs for recreational purposes, should avoid using alcohol and other substances at the same time. In many cases alcohol or other substances can intensify the effects of a drug and lead to dangerous or even deadly situations.

4. Myth: You can not abuse a drug that has been prescribed for you.

Fact: This myth is dangerous. Any time a prescription medication is taken by someone other than the person the drug was prescribed for this is abuse, but the individual who has a legitimate use for the drug can also abuse their prescription. If the drug is taken more frequently than prescribed or in larger amounts this is a form of abuse, even though it is your prescription medication.