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bipolar disorder, tips

If someone you love struggles with bipolar disorder there are some tips that can make your life and your living situation more productive and easier. 5 great tips that you can use include:

  1. Know what bipolar disorder is. Do the necessary research so that you understand what is going on with your loved one and how you can help them. Understanding what your loved one is experiencing will help you and them both.

  2. One of the most helpful tips you can learn is to keep notes and pay attention to the symptoms that your loved one is experiencing and displaying. This symptom journal can be very beneficial for medical and mental health professionals, as well as helping you learn what you can expect and how to best manage these symptoms.

  3. Communicate openly with your loved on. Ask them what you can do to help them. Don’t be judgmental or make assumptions. Discuss any concerns with the family physician or mental health treatment provider.

  4. Don’t let mania catch you off guard. When someone is depressed there are many symptoms common to most individuals, but mania may be displayed differently be each individual who has bipolar disorder. This mental disorder includes lows that can be very low, and highs that have no ceiling. Needing little sleep, having plenty of energy, and being overly optimistic or failing to see that they are on the upswing of bipolar disorder is often noticed by family members. Some may talk excessively, chattering on and on, while others just seem to be in a good mood.