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mental disorder, coping tips

1.One of the most effective coping tips for helping a loved one who has a mental disorder is to remember that these conditions can not be cured. There are treatments that can help but there is no cure available for a mental disorder right now.

2. Take care of yourself. Those who have a loved one with mental illness can find themselves run ragged and worn out if they are not careful. You must take care of yourself before you can be a caretaker for someone with a mental disorder.

3. Reasoning with someone who is delusional is pointless. No matter how hard you try to reason a delusion is not going to respond in a rational manner and will not go away just because of reasoning. Don’t try to bring the person back to reality or attempt to ground them to the present situation because this will not work.

4. Separate your loved one from the disorder that they suffer. It is common to feel negative emotions due to the disorder and that is okay. Love the friend or family member even while you hate the disorder that they have and the symptoms that they exhibit.

5. Other coping tips for mental disorders include understanding that no one is to blame and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately mental illness carries a stigma of shame, even though this is a medical condition no different from diabetes or a broken bone. There is nothing to be ashamed about and no one to blame when you have a loved one who has mental illness.