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substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse

substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse

1. Worry- Substance abuse can have a profound effect on your family members and friends. These individuals may worry constantly because of your drug addiction or alcohol abuse, concerned that your drug addiction will harm you or someone else. When you are away from loved ones they may worry that you can not control your substance abuse.

2. Helpless- Family members often feel helpless over your substance abuse, and they may feel like there is nothing that they can do. This is true to a point, but feeling helpless can be eliminated by arranging for an intervention and then a stay in a drug addiction or alcohol abuse treatment center.

3. Frustration- Frustration is common among family members who are dealing with substance abuse by a loved one. The family member may feel frustrated because they try to help but the user continues their destructive habits. As a family member you may feel like giving up but you can get through if you are persistent.

4. Fear- In many cases of drug addiction and alcohol abuse the loved ones feel fear because of the risks and medical consequences of substance abuse. Your family may be concerned that you will overdose and die, or that constant drinking may destroy your liver and health.

5. Anger- Anger is another emotion that substance abuse by a family member can cause. It is often a first reaction to be mad at the user or view this problem as one of not enough willpower, but this is not the case.