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Internet addiction, online addiction help

Internet addiction, online addiction help


1. Anxiety- Anxiety can be one of the biggest risk factors for Internet addiction. Many people who have anxiety go online in order to provide a distraction, and someone who is obsessive compulsive may find that they are constantly checking messages and emails on a regular basis. Going online may seem less threatening than interacting with actual people in the real world.


2. Unhappy Teenagers- Unhappy teenagers are one of the groups that need online addiction help more often. When teenagers are unhappy or bored then the online world may seem very appealing or exciting, and it can be easy for teens to lose touch with reality.

3. High Levels of Stress- Many people who have an Internet addiction of some type also have high levels of stress. It may seem like using the Internet helps you relax and relieve stress but this is not true, and being online can contribute stress instead of eliminating it.

4. Other Addictions- If you need online addiction help then you may have other addictions as well. Often people who have one addiction are more prone to others as well, and they may have a compulsive or addictive personality. If there are substance abuse issues, eating disorders, or other addictions then online issues may also occur.

5. Depression- If you suffer from depression then you are also more likely to experience an Internet addiction as well. When you become depressed you may go on the Internet to try to boost your mood but this will not work to cause your depression to go away.