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alcohol detox, substance abuse treatmentSubstance abuse treatment and alcohol detox can be found in a number of ways. The 5 most common substance abuse treatment and alcohol detox options include:

1. Medical Based Programs- These substance abuse treatment or alcohol detox programs take place in a hospital or medical clinic setting, and usually medical supervision is included. Changes in the types of programs covered by insurance make these options less popular than they used to be because most insurance plans do not cover the entire cost for this type of alcohol detox or substance abuse treatment.

2. Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization- When there is a strong family support system then day treatment may work for alcohol detox or substance abuse treatment. The individual will go to the clinic or hospital for part of the day, usually 4-8 hours, and then go home each afternoon.

3. Residential Rehab- When alcohol detox or substance abuse treatment takes place in a residential rehab then the individual receiving treatment will reside at the facility until the program is completed. There is an around the clock staff on the premises and medical supervision is often provided as well. Some residential rehabs offer alcohol detox and substance abuse treatment at the same facility so there is no need to transition between facilities for different treatment phases.

4. Intensive Outpatient Treatment- This method for substance abuse treatment or alcohol detox is outpatient, but it is very intensive. Participants must perform many hours of treatment each week, and these programs can last up to a year or even longer in some situations.

5. Outpatient Treatment- Outpatient treatment for alcohol or other types of substance abuse usually involves individual or group counseling sessions. The number of hours required may vary by specific program, and this method may not be as effective as others.