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methamphetamine use, methamphetamine abuse or addiction

1. Excessive energy is common with methamphetamine abuse or addiction. The individual using this drug may seem very active and energetic, and they may not be able to sit still. Pacing, fidgeting, and other activity is common when the user tries to sit calmly. The user may also appear nervous or edgy for the same reason.

2. Pupils become dilated and this is visible. When an individual with methamphetamine abuse or addiction uses the drug their pupils will dilate considerably. This dilation stays until the effects of the drug are over. Light or darkness will not change the size of the pupils very much and that is an indication that methamphetamine use is a problem.

3. Severe sweating is common with methamphetamine abuse or addiction. The user may be sweating heavily regardless of the weather conditions or temperature, because methamphetamine use causes the body temperature to rise and the body systems to speed up.

4. A loss of weight and appetite is expected when methamphetamine use occurs. When methamphetamine abuse or addiction occurs then the weight loss and lack of appetite may be very significant and very visible to others. In many cases the user may lose several pounds over the course of a few days or a week, and long term methamphetamine use is extremely dangerous because of the weight loss.

5. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping is a common problem with methamphetamine use. When the nervous system is accelerated then sleep may be impossible. Even after the individual with a methamphetamine abuse or addiction starts coming down from the drug they still have difficulty relaxing or sleeping soundly.