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group counseling, substance abuse treatment

1. One of the biggest reasons that group counseling is offered by almost every rehab facility is that this method has lower costs involved. One professional can handle a group of people, where individual counseling requires a professional to spend time with each individual instead of everyone as a group.

2. Part of substance abuse treatment involves peers. Group sessions help each individual in treatment receive feedback from peers, and it helps show that you are not alone in your struggles and there are many others out there who share the problems that you have. This can help promote solidarity and support during treatment.

3. Treatment for substance abuse and addiction means working through the issues that led to the abuse of a specific substance in the first place. Sometimes this may be easier when you are in group with others who share similar issues. Each individual in the group is less likely to feel judged or excluded because everyone has the same problems that need to be addressed and resolved.

4. Group counseling allows many individuals to receive treatment at the same time. For programs that have small budgets and high demand this may be one of the few treatment methods available, and these programs may be very short in duration when they are residential in nature.

5. Outpatient substance abuse treatment is less effective than residential programs, but for many this is the only type of program that is covered by insurance or that will fit within your budget. Group sessions on an outpatient basis will not usually interfere with work or other daily responsibilities.