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relapse prevention tips, drug addiction, alcohol abuse

1. Avoid Medications with High Abuse Potential- One of the most common relapse prevention tips for drug addiction and alcohol abuse is to avoid any medications that may be habit forming or that have a high addiction potential unless these drugs are absolutely necessary. Many people who have a substance abuse problem may trade one substance for another, and these medications have a high potential for abuse and addiction.

2. Change Your Habits and Hangouts- Find new friends and new places to spend your time. One of the biggest causes of relapse is slipping back into old habits, and going to the same places or hanging out with the same crowd can cause a relapse to occur.

3. Find Sober Activities and Substance Free Events- Recovering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse does not mean staying locked up in your home, but you must be careful about the events and activities that you take part in. Find sober activities and substance free events to stay social without risking a relapse at the same time.

4. Create a Support Network-Your support network can not be too large, and you should make sure that this network includes people and organizations that you can contact 24/7 when you are feeling low or need encouragement to stay on the road to recovery.

5. Know When and Where 12 Step Meetings are Held in Your Local Area- 12 step meetings can help you avoid temptation, and many cities and areas have places which hold this meetings frequently. In larger cities it is possible to find these meetings 7 days a week, and that can be beneficial if you feel a relapse coming on.

Hopefully these relapse prevention tips for drug addiction and alcohol abuse help you stay sober and reinforce your recovery goals.