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substance abuse treatment, health insurance coverage

1. If you need help for problems with drugs or alcohol abuse then the first place that you need to look is your health insurance coverage. Some policies will cover specific types of methods or certain facilities or programs. Be prepared though, because there are many policies which do not provide effective treatment in this area.

2. If you do not have health insurance and you need substance abuse treatment then there may be state and government programs which may help pay for this type of help. Do some research and determine which government programs you may be eligible for and then apply to these programs.

3. Ask friends and family for financial help. No wants wants to ask for money but your recovery needs to be the top priority at this point. Most family members and close friends will want to help you get better, and you may be surprised at how fast you can afford effective treatment when the cost is spread out among several people.

4. If you do not have health insurance coverage then there may be charitable organizations which offer treatment for drug or alcohol abuse or who will help to pay the cost for another facility or program. Check out which charities help with this type of need in your community and then contact these organizations.

5. If you can not afford inpatient substance abuse treatment there are free programs n an outpatient basis that can be used. Many AA and NA groups hold daily meetings which do not have any cost to attend. Outpatient counseling may also be offered at a reduced cost or even free of charge.