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addictive behavior, substance abuse

Addictive behavior is displayed by many people, and it is important to understand what this behavior is and why it occurs. Individuals who are addicted to any substance or activity will exhibit addictive behavior and this is an indication that treatment for substance abuse or addiction is needed. This type of behavior is very compulsive and it is caused when the substance abuse or compulsions cause the individual to lose control of their daily life and responsibilities. The negative consequences of the substance abuse or addiction are not enough to cause the individual to stop, even when they see their life falling apart and their relationships suffering from irreparable damage. Often individuals with addictive behavior tend to suffer from low self esteem, and some have a mental disorder that also needs to be addressed and treated.

If you or someone you care about displays any signs of addictive behavior then an intervention may be necessary in order to get the help that is badly needed. If left untreated then addictive behavior can start a downward spiral that is highly destructive. The specific cause of the addictive behavior needs to be identified before it can be addressed during treatment, and a dual diagnosis may be given if there is more than one issue requiring treatment. This may be the case for anyone who has substance abuse and mental disorder problems, or those who have an alcohol addiction and a gambling compulsion. The treatment provided must be closely matched to the reason for the addictive behavior or else the best possible results may not be achieved.