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alcohol abuse and addiction, withdrawal and recovery

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a serious problem, but there are some medications that can help with withdrawal and recovery. Each of these treatment options may be used in certain cases to increase the chances of a successful treatment program and a full and permanent recovery. Some of these medications help with the withdrawal symptoms that can send the individual back to abusing alcohol, while others are designed to help the individual avoid alcohol use in some way. Benzodiazepines and other anti anxiety drugs and anti-seizure medications may be used during the withdrawal process to minimize the symptoms experienced and help make the withdrawal process easier on the individual. These drugs also help lower the risk of seizures and other medical complications during detox, which can be very important if the alcohol abuse has gone on for a long period or the amount of alcohol consumed each day is excessive.

Some of the drugs used for withdrawal and recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction are designed to assist you in staying sober after the initial detox. Disulfiram, commonly called Antabuse, causes severe nausea and stomach upset when alcohol is consumed. Naltrexone works by interfering with the pleasure sensations that are caused when alcohol is consumed. Acamprosate helps those addicted to alcohol by reducing any cravings that are experienced. Topiramate may also be prescribed to help with alcohol addiction during the recovery process. It is also advisable to take a vitamin and mineral supplement during recovery to replenish any nutrients which have been depleted due to chronic alcohol abuse.