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When it comes to alcohol abuse BC options there are some basic program types that may be found. Each one will have pros and cons that need to be evaluated before a final facility choice should be made. British Columbia in Canada offers an incredible setting and plenty of exquisite scenery, and it is also the location of many alcohol abuse programs that vary in experience, treatment types, and results.


Executive Rehabs


Executive or upscale rehabs provide a luxurious setting and a full range of luxuries and amenities. These are also usually the most expensive as well, and many can not afford the cost of this type of treatment facility.


Christian Alcohol Abuse Programs


Christian alcohol abuse programs include The Crossing Point and similar programs. These are more affordable than executive picks and they include a spiritual component that some other types do not. This may be one of the best choices for those with a moderate income and a strong faith.


Government Sponsored Programs


These are treatment centers that are sponsored by government agencies. They are often very crowded and full of stress, an environment that is not conducive to recovery. Since government funding is usually limited the resources available are typically very small.


Community Treatment Centers


Another alcohol abuse BC option is a community treatment center. These normally have the same drawbacks as a government sponsored program and the resources available are normally stretched thin. Few treatment methods and options are offered and a permanent recovery is rarely achieved.