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what causes alcoholism

What causes alcoholism? The answer to this question is not clear cut, there are several possible factors that may be responsible and every alcoholic may have different contributing factors involved that cause their alcohol abuse. What causes alcoholism in one person may not have the same impact on another individual, and that is what makes treating alcohol abuse so difficult with a one size fits all program. The alcohol treatment program needs to have a customized treatment plan that takes into consideration the contributing factors in each individual case, otherwise the results may not be as effective and the risk of relapse can increase. What causes alcoholism? The risk factors listed below can contribute to this problem but each factor may not be relevant for some who need treatment.

  • Binge drinking

  • Drinking that starts at an early age

  • Drinking a steady amount on a regular basis over an extended period of weeks, months, or even years

  • A family history of alcohol abuse

  • Mental health problems, including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia

  • Drinking while taking certain types of medications

  • Social expectations

  • A culture of alcohol acceptance

What causes alcoholism? A combination of genetics, culture, social pressures, environmental considerations, and psychological factors. Until substance abuse treatment is received that addresses the causative factors in a specific case then a full and permanent recovery may not be possible. Knowing what causes alcoholism is the first step to treatment that actually works, because you must find out what causes alcoholism in your case and not the contributing factors for others.

Do you know what causes alcoholism in your case? If so what is it, and are you affected or is the alcoholic a friend or loved one?