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Some people may be more prone to addiction and addictive behaviors then others, and there are certain traits that will raise your risk. These include:

1. Prior Addictions and Substance Abuse Problems- You may be more prone to addiction and addictive behaviors if you have previously had problems or issues with substance abuse of any kind in the past. This shows a history of addiction related factors that must be considered if you are going to accurately assess your risks.

2. Genetics- If you have a family history of alcohol use, drug abuse, or certain other addictive behaviors then you probably have a higher addiction risk than some people. A family history can be very telling and indicates a risk factor that needs to be considered. Anyone who has a genetic predisposition to addiction needs to be very careful about what they use or take to lower these risks.

3. Previous Addictive Behaviors- If you have had problems in the past and previous addictive behaviors that required treatment then you will have a higher risk for addiction than someone without these issues.

4. Social Factors- If you have peers and social groups that view alcohol and drug use as acceptable then you are more likely to engage in addictive behavior and develop a serious substance abuse problem than some of the population.

5. Past Trauma- If you have experienced trauma in the past then this can be a contributing factor with addiction. If these traumas are not addressed and worked through then you could end up needing treatment for addictive behaviors.