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stay sober, holiday season, substance abuse

stay sober, holiday season, substance abuse


1. During the holiday season the need to stay sober is very important, but this time of the year can be difficult for anyone who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. Parties, holiday dinners, and all of the stress that this time of year brings can be daunting. Take time to relax, treat yourself to a spa day ro soak in the tub with your favorite music playing and some fragrant bath products.

2. Avoid places and situations where substance abuse is likely to occur. Bring your own bottle and make it a non alcoholic sparkling juice instead of wine or liquor. This will help you abstain no matter what cocktails the host of the event is serving.

3. Sleep is more important than ever during the holiday season, make sure you get enough quality sleep each night. When you are tired you are more likely to relapse and slide backwards, a good night of rest can keep you strong in your recovery.

4. Make a plan to help you stay sober. Carefully consider event invitations and weigh the risks involved. It is okay to leave early so that you get enough sleep, and you should not feel bad about turning down invitations. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.

5. Past substance abuse is a serious issue, and gift giving can cause incredible amounts of stress that could lead to a relapse. This year why not give gift cards? These are easy and convenient, making your shopping list easier to manage and your gifting requirements less stressful.