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heroin addiction, substance abuse treatment

Heroin addiction has reached epidemic rates in the USA and Canada, and there are many challenges when it comes to substance abuse treatment for this problem. There are many different types of programs and facilities, each with specific treatment methods and techniques offered. Insurance coverage and the cost of treatment also play a role in the decisions made. Many insurance companies in the USA will not pay for inpatient care for heroin addiction, although these same insurers will often pay for medical detox and inpatient treatment for alcoholism. The reasoning from many insurers is that heroin addiction is not a medical emergency that can lead to death. Try telling that to someone whose child is at a risk for overdose and death. Every time heroin is used there is a risk of death, and emergency rooms across North America see these cases every day.

Heroin addiction is an insidious problem, and substance abuse treatment is needed but many people can not get help when they seek it at a community program or local facility because of long waiting lists or being unable to afford the cost of an effective inpatient program and treatment regimen. The most effective programs will involve individual counseling, a soothing and peaceful environment, and a wide range of treatment methods and options to choose from. If you or someone you love struggle with a heroin addiction then treatment is critical, continued use of this drug often leads to an early death from an overdose or other medical complications related to heroin use.