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substance abuse, intervention

What is an intervention? An intervention is a professional process used in order to make the individual with the problem face reality and admit that they need help. It is a meeting where friends and family address the ways that the alcohol or drug use by the individual affects everyone who cares about the person.

Why does substance abuse treatment need to be arranged ahead of time? The goal of this type of meeting is to get the individual to see that they have a problem and they need help. The chance of successful treatment and a full recovery are highest when the individual goes directly from the intervention into the treatment program. If there is any delay the individual could retreat back into denial and then refuse to go later on.

Why is a professional needed for an intervention? Professional assistance should always be used for an intervention. Friends and family members who have been negatively affected by the substance abuse may have some deep emotions that can include anger and resentment. Without a professional present the meeting can quickly turn ugly and escalate into something negative instead of having a positive influence that leads to change.

What role will friends and family members play in this process? Each person who will attend the intervention will usually be asked to draw up a letter to the target of the meeting. This letter should detail how substance abuse has caused harm to the family member or friend. During the meeting each individual will address the person at the center of the intervention in the hope that this individual will be willing to accept treatment.