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compulsive gambling tips, gambling addiction

1. Compulsive gambling tips that can be very helpful include making a date to quit. If you set a date in the near future then this gives you time to strengthen your resolve so that you have a better chance at recovery.

2. Look for better ways that you can spend your time and money instead of gambling. Make a list of the possibilities, so that you can look at it when your resolve weakens.

3. Add up all the money that your gambling addiction has cos you in the last year. Once you are face to face with the actual cost of your compulsive behavior you may be more motivated to seek help.

4. Do some research on compulsive gambling tips and on gambling addiction. This will help you understand your problem better and let you know that you are not alone. Many people suffer from this problem but there are ways that you can stop gambling once and for all.

5. Attend meetings for Gamblers Anonymous. These meetings can be an important source of support and you may find them helpful when you are in recovery or seeking treatment.

6. Give control of your money to someone that you trust. A friend or family member can manage your money so that you do not have the financial resources to gamble with. Make sure that you can trust the person completely though.

7. Seek a professional counselor who is knowledgeable and experienced in treating gambling addiction. This professional can provide help and also give you additional resources if these are needed.