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cope with cravings, succeed in your recovery

How you cope with cravings during your recovery will determine whether you are successful in your recovery. There are a number of methods which may be used to cope with cravings, and these will work for alcohol and drug abuse or addiction when used properly. Knowing these secrets can help you stay strong during low points, and help you avoid a relapse or further rounds of treatment. Some of the most common methods for dealing with cravings includes distraction, activity, and relaxation. Others may use imagery or rational thoughts. Some people utilize coping flashcards when they encounter cravings. When you find out which of these methods works best for you then you are better prepared to resist your cravings and stay on track to a permanent recovery.

Distraction can help you cope with cravings by directing your mind to something else. Read a book, talk with a friend or support person, or even go for a drive and change your location and scenery. Some people find that using images in their head works well. Picture a STOP sign or imagine a scene where you are sober. Find out which images work best at controlling your cravings and then use these when you feel yourself start to weaken. Get active if you feel a craving coming on. Go for a walk around the block, hit the gym, or even jog in place if you need to. This will boost your mood and help lessen any cravings that you are experiencing. Coping flashcards can help reinforce your reasons to stop drinking and strengthen your resolve.