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One lady counselor helps another lady in Kelowna rehab

1. Hidden depression is a mental disorder that is not always obvious, but there are some warning signs that you can watch for. One sign that this condition may be a problem is having patterns that deviate from normal at times. You may notice that you or a loved one develop unusual sleeping habits, changes in eating patterns, or even a difference in the level of consumption or abuse that occurs. The changes may be small at first but if the depression is not addressed these changes could become more severe as time goes on.

2. One sign of mental health problems that can include hidden depression is a level of optimism that is lower than normal for the person involved. If you or a loved one start to be less optimistic about normal situations and events this this can mean you could actually be starting to spiral and are depressed, whether this is something you are willing to admit to yourself or not. A loss of optimism should be taken seriously because it is a reflection of how your thoughts and mental processes are changing as a result of the condition.

3. One of the most common hidden depression warning signs is forced happiness, and a desire to avoid being in social situations with other people. These individuals try to appear happy when they are with others but if this goes on for any length of time the mask of happiness will start to slip and the true emotions of the individual may start to show. It is also very common for these individuals to make excuses about declining social invitations so that they are not forced to try and show happiness when this is not what they truly feel.