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mental health evaluation, symptoms

1. Migraine headaches or body aches and pains that occur frequently, but for which no medical cause can be found. Depression and other forms of mental illness can include physical symptoms that are caused by the mental disorder. If your physician can not find anything wrong but you continue to have these aches and pains then it may be time to consult a mental health expert.

2. If you start to experience frequent nightmares, have night terrors, or experience flashbacks then this is an indication that something is going on and you should seek help to determine the cause. These symptoms are common after experiencing a trauma, and they may go away with counseling as you work through the underlying issues causing these symptoms. Sometimes medication may be needed during the initial stages to combat anxiety and physical responses to the nightmares or flashbacks.

3. Thoughts of harming yourself that involve intent and a plan to carry out your thoughts mean an immediate mental health evaluation should be performed. If an adolescent expresses these thoughts, or they show intent, then this should be taken seriously. A common mistake is not believing someone who voices these things, and the consequences could be devastating.

4. Becoming extremely preoccupied with certain things can also signal the onset or existence of a mental illness. Someone who becomes very preoccupied, almost obsessed, with their appearance, or with things like money, crime, or even sex, may have a mental disorder that requires treatment. If no treatment s received these preoccupations can lead to risk taking and other actions that have a negative impact on your life and health.