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An executive rehab is a substance abuse treatment program that is designed to meet the unique needs that executives and others with high pressure daily responsibilities face. An executive or professional like a doctor or lawyer often can not just walk away for a month or more, and severe all contact with the outside world while they are working on their recovery. In addition those in a position of power of power have very high stress levels because of their career, and this can make staying sober especially challenging once the substance abuse treatment program is complete and the individual leaves the executive rehab. Executives and small business owners may face constant deadlines, high expectations from clients, and daily stresses that can be overwhelming at times, and the executive must learn how to relieve these stresses on a regular basis in order to prevent a relapse.

Choosing an executive rehab means paying more for the substance abuse treatment program, but the advantages and benefits of this type of program make the cost well worth it. Typical rehabs that are run by government entities or charities are usually crowded, with stressful environments and a limited range of techniques and treatment methods offered. An executive rehab is a program that eliminates these issues, with a very diverse range of methods and techniques available. One on one counseling sessions are also provided by the best substance abuse treatment programs because this method is highly effective. The special needs and considerations that executives have make this type of program the best choice for a permanent recovery.  

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