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luxury rehab, substance abuse treatment

When it comes to substance abuse treatment there are many different types of programs to choose from, and one of these is a luxury rehab, also frequently called an upscale treatment option. Many people mistakenly believe that this is an option only for celebrities and the very wealthy but this is actually not true. Luxury programs can offer many treatment benefits that others do not, and in some cases the results and recovery achieved are permanent. Many government and charity operated treatment programs for drug or alcohol abuse have a very limited menu of treatment methods available because they must operate on a shoestring budget. Usually these programs do not have individual counseling, which is generally viewed as one of the most effective treatment methods for substance abuse, because this method can be expensive to provide.

Another big consideration with substance abuse treatment at a luxury rehab is insurance coverage. While many insurance policies will cover outpatient group counseling few will cover the cost of an extended inpatient stay at a high end luxury rehab because of the price. Some of the most effective programs and facilities can run tens of thousands of dollars a month. In order to get a permanent recovery and eliminate the need for several rounds of treatment in between relapses a highly effective program is needed though. Group sessions and outpatient visits, or even a stay in a low budget inpatient program with very restricted treatment options, will not give you the same exceptional results and peace of mind that the best luxury rehabs can.