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Krokodil use in Canada

There have been a few suspected cases of Krokodil use in Canada, but is this trend becoming a big problem? Krokodil is a cheap heroin substitute that was created in Russia, and this drug of abuse combines codeine with toxic substances like gasoline, paint thinner, and others. The result is injected into the body, and it can have devastating effects. The drug is named because it can turn the skin scaly, and cause deep abscesses and chronic infections that become severe. Even though users in Russia know the dangers of this drug they continue to use it. Krokodil use can cause gangrene, amputation, and even death in many cases. But is Krokodil use in Canada on the rise? There have been a few cases where Krokodil use in Canada has been suspected but so far there is no concrete evidence that this drug has made it’s way to the country.

Many reports of suspected Krokodil use in Canada have been made because of ulcers, and sometimes medical professionals have found patients with deep sores and infections that are not what is expected with typical heroin users who inject the drug. Canadian authorities have worked with the DEA in the USA in order to determine whether Krokodil use in Canada is becoming a problem. So far there have been no definitive lab results or other proof that this drug has traveled to the north, and no samples of Krokodil have been found with drug seizures. That does not mean that there is not any Krokodil use in Canada, only that this can not be confirmed so far.