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You came to me at such a young age

How could I know you were setting the stage?

Coming to me in such a subtle way

As your true self held at bay

Feeling alone and full of pain

Comfort and warmth thought I’d gain


Did not know you were just an illusion

To a child lost in confusion

You were my first love

Conceived you as a beautiful dove

Giving to you trust in full

Stronger and stronger became your pull

As my life starts to begin

Always you helped me fit in

To the lost soul led the way

Deeper and deeper day by day

Now full in you led my direction

Your complete intent to no detection

Years now began to pass

You knew then our love would last

Every time I felt a loss

Comfort to me you would toss

Although I let you lead the way

I did not know the price I ’d pay

As decades passed I began to see

 That you were not the one for me

Finally by then your grip was tight

No escape in the fleeing flight

More and more I wanted to leave

But only loss could I achieve

Now looking back at my empty life

 I know now who held the knife

Cut so deep to my very soul

Stripped naked, taken whole

Seeing now that you only exist

Inside of me does your presence persist

The true one protecting me

In good time, set me free

Goodbye you retched flower

Turning now to my higher power

I have now a new defender

To that one I do surrender


Written by Wayne