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nutrition tips, alcohol addiction recovery, relapse

nutrition tips, alcohol addiction recovery, relapse

There are some important nutrition tips that can help you during your alcohol addiction recovery. Substance abuse takes a big toll physically, as well as the psychological damage that occurs. Nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits can cause a relapse for many people, and the following nutrition tips can help while you are going through alcohol addiction recovery:

  • Avoid caffeine whenever possible. This includes full versions of coffee, sodas with caffeine, and even teas that provide large amounts of this stimulant. Caffeine can cause your mood to fluctuate and make you more likely to relapse.

  • Minimize added sugars and sugary foods that are sweet. In addition to possibly causing alcohol cravings sweet foods also contain empty calories and few nutrients. These items take the place of healthy and nutritional food choices in your diet.

  • Make sure that you get plenty of protein each day. Protein helps to build and maintain muscle tissue and it is required for good physical health.

  • Work hard to get at least 64 ounces of water in your diet. When you feel the urge to reach for a soda or juice try drinking water instead. If you do not like the taste of plain water then spruce the beverage up with a slice of orange, lemon, or lime. Being even slightly dehydrated can affect the way that you feel, and may make you more likely to relapse.

  • Choose foods that are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients but that are low in fat and calories.