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alcohol abuse


  1. Does alcohol interfere with your job or school attendance?

  2. Do you drink alcohol in order to gain confidence in order to interact with others?

  3. Does your alcohol use occur when you are alone?

  4. Has your consumption of alcohol harmed your business or personal reputation?

  5. Do friends and family comment on your drinking or try to get you to stop using alcohol?

  6. Have you ever been arrested because of alcohol use?

  7. Has alcohol ever caused you to harm someone else?

  8. Does your drinking create tension in your home life and family unit?

  9. Do you regret your alcohol use at times?

  10. Have you ever blacked out or lost track of time because of alcohol consumption?

  11. Does alcohol cause financial difficulties for you?

  12. Do you feel compelled to use alcohol at specific times of the day?

  13. Do you find it difficult to go without a drink for an entire day?

  14. Has alcohol use caused you to be hospitalized?

  15. Does alcohol provide an escape from problems or stress?

  16. Has alcohol use caused you to have less motivation or ambition?

  17. Do you have legal problems caused by your alcohol consumption?

  18. Does your alcohol use interfere with the welfare of your family?


If you have answered yes to at least 3 of these questions then alcohol abuse or addiction treatment is needed. Alcoholism occurs when this substance is causing harm to your life or to your loved ones yet you continue to drink. The Crossing Point offers effective alcohol abuse and addiction treatment that is affordable and effective. We can help you recover and stop the drinking so you can look forward to a brighter future.