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If you need substance abuse or addiction treatment then you may be considering a residential treatment center Kelowna in order to get away and have the best chance for a permanent recovery. How much does this type of treatment cost though? The answer may be different with each program and facility, and this is true everywhere. Luxury options can cost many thousands of dollars a month, but that does not always mean that any luxury program will provide the best results if you are simply visiting a facility that provides a lot of pampering but little real therapy using proven methods that work. The Crossing Point was started because there was a need for more affordable addiction treatment that was highly effective. The no frills approach allows individual counseling and other proven treatment options to be provided without having to spend a fortune just to recover.


The price of a residential treatment center Kelowna is important in order for the individual to stay within budget, but this is just one of the many considerations that should be examined. In many cases it is better to pay a little more for the first round of treatment if future treatment will not be necessary. You should compare the treatment methods used, the relapse and success rates for the facility, and the environment where treatment is provided as well as the total expense for the program. If all of these components are not part of the evaluation then you could end up paying more than necessary and getting less than ideal results.