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Sex addiction seems to be on the rise in North America, and many wonder if this increase is caused by the Internet. The answer is not a simple yes or no. Since the invention of the Internet pornography is widely available, and some of it is violent and degrading. The root causes of a sex addiction are often similar to those of substance abuse and other compulsive issues. These causes may be different for each person but often an inability to deal with stress or difficult situations causes a person to engage in compulsive behavior. This may take the form of a gambling addiction, sex addiction, or substance abuse. In most cases a sex addiction is not truly about sex, it is about the psychological issues which manifest into risky or excessive sexual behavior and activities.

The Internet is not responsible for sex addiction, but the availability of sexual content has made the Internet the place that many people who have a sex addiction turn to. Sometimes people become addicted to being online, but that does not make the Internet the reason for the addiction. If you or someone that you know may have a sex addiction then you should seek professional help immediately. There are treatment programs that can help you overcome this problem and lead a normal life once more. Compulsive behavior can damage your work, your family and other close relationships, your financial situation, and even your health or your life in some situations. There are sex addiction treatment programs which are highly effective that can offer a permanent recovery.