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depression, supportive things to say

Depression is an equal opportunity mental disorder, and it affects both sexes, all ages, and all income levels without discrimination. Some of the most supportive things to say if someone that you know and care about suffers from this condition include:

1. Nothing. If your friend or loved one is having a tough time and is depressed sometimes the best thing to say and the most supportive solution is to say nothing at all and just listen instead. We all need a sympathetic ear and a sounding board once in a while, and just being there and listening can be incredibly helpful for someone who is depressed.

2. I am always available if you need me. This statement lets the individual know that you care and that you want to help, but make sure to follow up and check in on the individual often to see if you are needed.

3. Lets go somewhere and do something together. Someone who is depressed may start to withdraw socially, isolating themselves. In addition the person who is depressed may end up in a negative cycle, obsessing over the past or certain events. Offer to do something together that you both enjoy. Go to a movie, play a game, or even just go for a walk through your local park.

4. I don’t know what depression is like but I know it is hard for you. These simple words can have an enormous impact, and they can be one of the most supportive things to say. You are acknowledging the pain, loneliness, and withdrawal that the person feels without trying to pretend that you understand these feelings and emotions.