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teen alcohol abuse, substance abuse prevention

1. One of the biggest keys to preventing teen alcohol abuse is open communication. Parents need to talk with teens about alcohol use and listen carefully. When parents keep communication open the teen is more likely to abstain from substance abuse including alcohol abuse. Teens need to know that as a parent you are always available and willing to listen.

2. Part of substance abuse prevention in adolescents is setting boundaries and laying down rules. Let your teens know that there are consequences if the rules are broken, and what these consequences are. Teens need parents, not adult friends or those who want to be buddies with their children.

3. The peer group that your teens associate with should be monitored, and any peers who seem to be a bad influence when it comes to substance abuse should be banned from your teen’s social circle. Peer pressure can cause teens to use alcohol or drugs if they do not have strong parental support, so make sure that the peer your teen has are a good influence.

4. Know where your teens are at all times to prevent teen alcohol abuse. Adolescents who are not closely monitored and supervised may engage in substance abuse when they think they will not get caught. Know who your teen is with and where they will be.

5. If the goal is substance abuse prevention then be a role model for teens. Households where parents drink or use drugs have a higher rate of teen substance abuse because teens emulate the behvior that they see in their parents.