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tramadol, addiction

Tramadol is a drug that is being prescribed more frequently today. It is a pain medication which is used for pain that ranges from moderate to severe, as well as being prescribed for certain other conditions. Tramadol is only available with a prescription from a physician. This drug is a central nervous system analgesic, and it does provide relief similar to narcotic pain medications. It is an opioid agonist and it has narcotic like effects. In fact according to medical experts and the drug literature Tramadol offers pain relief and other effects comparable to hydrocodone and morphine. The drug can be delivered orally, intravenously, rectally, and in other ways. Since this specific pain medication is not tightly regulated by the FDA many doctors are providing it instead of hydrocodone, codeine, or other opioid pain medications.

While many consider Tramadol to be a much better choice for treating pain it does have the potetial for addiction. Over time the effects of this prescription medication may start to lessen, and you may start taking more than the dose that your physician prescribed or taking the drug more often than intended. Tramadol is usually the most effective for the first 6 months, after this the drug starts to have less of an effect because a tolerance has developed. Since it is classified as a non narcotic many people believe than an addiction to Tramadol is not possible but this is not true. If you have been taking Tramadol and the prescribed frequency and dosage is no longer effective then this should be discussed with your physician.