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Innovative Addiction Treatment

The Crossing Points approach to treatment is based on a wellness model of care that focuses on understanding the causes of addiction and providing the support & tools required to step into recovery. This theory explains that substance misuse is the net result of a complex interaction between a combination of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual determinants. It is a conceptual framework that allows attention to be focused on all problems related to substance misuse. It is also congruent with other modern theories of health and education and is considered best practice.

Our approach believes the following:

  • All individuals have the capacity to Recover
  • Substance misuse has many levels of severity.
  • The development of substance misuse follows a variable pattern and can progress based on life’s experiences.
  • Many variables on the road to addiction and can differ between individuals; therefore there is no one size fits all treatment for substance abuse.

Why Choose The Crossing Point ?

  • Professional Staff
  • Understanding
  • Compassionate 
  • Integrity
  • Proven and Successful Treatment and Therapy
  • Privacy
Living Room for Mens Rehab Residence located in Kelowna BC
A person relaxing on bed in nice bedroom with a Kelowna view while in rehab.
Mens Rehab Residence Bedroom
Private Rehab Bedroom with window.
Mens Lounge with long sofa's in Kelowna Rehab facility.
A typical twin bed mens rehab beroom in Kelowna BC.
Womens rehab Residence bedroom
Kelonwa Rehab interior at womens lounge
areal view of Kelowna BC where a rehab residence is located
comfortable womens bedroom with plush pillows
a bright comfortable rehab lounge for men
An outside Detox area with flower bed

Our Goals

  • Abstinence from Drugs & Alcohol
  • Repair Damage from addiction
  • Restore Hope to individual & family
  • Improve vocational functioning
  • Decrease legal issues related to addiction
  • Provide Tools for Healthy Living