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Addiction Counselling Services

The Crossing Point offers counselling and psychotherapy on an inpatient basis. Clients receive counselling around their addiction and underlying issues such as grief, abuse, trauma, and mental health. Family members looking for their own counselling around the impact of addiction and their own ability to draw boundaries have found benefit in this service as well.

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Why Inpatient Addiction Counselling
The Crossing Point treats the roots behind addictions for our clients.  That is why we offer at least 8 private 1-On-1 therapy sessions per month.
  • Those coming to our 42-day residential program may wish to supplement their group treatment with individual counselling.
  • Often times clients want to continue with one-on-one counselling after they leave residential treatment (whether here or somewhere else) as part of their aftercare.

Addiction Counselling Options

  • Individual Counselling – one-on-one psychotherapy for adults struggling with addiction or in recovery.
  • Family Counselling – helping couples and families heal from the impact of addiction.
  • Family Consultations – helping families determine how to help/manage a loved one with an addiction. (Usually a one time meeting with possible follow ups).
  • Family Meetings – our version of an intervention where the addicted loved one is invited to the meeting.

Meet Our Inpatient Therapist

All of our outpatient therapists have Masters Degrees in Counselling or Social Work and have extensive experience in working with a multitude of issues  including addictions. Some evening and weekend appointments are available.  Please call our office to arrange an appointment  that best suits your individual needs.

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