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anabolic steroids, steroid abuse

Anabolic steroids are substances made by man that mimic or boost male sex hormones in the body. There are some diseases and medical conditions that require anabolic steroids for treatment, including delayed puberty, low testosterone levels, and some cases of muscle loss. Illegal anabolic steroid use is a big problem in many larger cities, and teens who engage in sports may use these drugs in order to gain muscle mass and improve their performance as an athlete. The risks involved when anabolic steroids are abused or used without a valid prescription are many, and there have been news stories in recent years about individuals who abuse anabolic steroids and who have turned violent.

There are many medical risks with anabolic steroids as well. High blood pressure is common, and the testicles may shrink because of the artificial male hormones received by the body. Liver disease can occur, and liver cancer is also more common in people who abuse anabolic steroids. Usually teen boys and men are the ones who take these types of drugs illegally but there have been cases of women abusing anabolic steroids as well. Women may develop a voice that becomes deeper and they may see excessive growth of facial and body hair as well. Acne is typical in both sexes when anabolic steroids are abused and aggressive behavior is very common as steroid abuse worsens. Addiction to anabolic steroids is a very real possibility, and the user may experience withdrawal symptoms that are extremely unpleasant. Treatment for steroid addiction is crucial if you have a problem with these drugs, and continued use of anabolic steroids could be fatal.