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Substance abuse treatment setbacks and addiction relapse are usually expected when you are struggle to overcome drug or alcohol abuse, and there are some things you should know and understand. An addiction relapse and substance abuse treatment setbacks are common, especially when the right facility and program are not carefully researched. There are several warning signs that indicate an addiction relapse may occur. These include:

  • Attitude changes, which cause your recovery and sobriety to lose importance in your life.

  • An increase in the amount of stress that you experience on a daily basis.

  • Denial to the point that you refuse to admit that the stress is becoming too much or even that you have a substance abuse or addiction problem.

  • Changes in behavior and daily routine

  • Avoiding social situations and occasions. When you start to relapse or experience substance abuse treatment setbacks you may start to isolate yourself from your social contacts.

  • Addiction relapse often begins with the initial withdrawal symptoms that you experienced before substance abuse treatment. You may start to think about drugs or alcohol more frequently, and you may start to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other common withdrawal symptoms.

  • Substance abuse treatment setbacks and addiction relapse typically includes a lack of good judgment and poor impulse control. You start making bad decisions and acting without thinking things through.

  • Eliminating options and narrowing choices is also typical right before addiction relapse. 12 step meetings, counseling visits, and other treatment and therapy activities are discontinued and avoided.