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compassion, substance abuse treatment

Even today the need for substance abuse treatment tends to carry a stigma attached to it, and it is still common for some people to think that alcohol or drug abuse is simply a lack of willpower or control on the part of the individual. Someone who has a problem needs care that is compassionate and that allows the individual to retain their self respect and dignity. Many programs, especially those designed by the government and those that tend to have a shoestring budget, do not offer the compassionate care that can be very beneficial during treatment. Many who use these programs end up relapsing fairly quickly after they leave, and they continue to suffer with self esteem and confidence issue as well.

Everyone has problems, struggles, and challenges, and no one except god is perfect. Substance abuse treatment professionals who offer judgment or who look down on those that they are treating can actually make recovery more difficult and lower the success rate of the program. Some Christian programs for substance abuse offer compassionate care, with the philosophy that you should hate the sin but not the sinner. Alcohol and drug abuse are no different than mental illness or physical disease, and all of these need to be treated in a compassionate manner in order to help the individual recover and get back to normal. Programs that do not involve staff with compassion are far less likely to achieve the desired outcome, and you could end up requiring several rounds of treatment in order to get better.