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substance abuse and addiction

One of the most frequently asked questions about substance abuse and addiction is why some people become addicted quickly but others may never reach this stage, and there are 3 factors that play a role in substance abuse and addiction. There is not just one factor or cause for this problem, a combination of factors are all involved in determining whether substance abuse leads to addiction or not. The 3 biggest factors that determine whether addiction develops include:

Biology and Genetic Predisposition- Biological and genetic factors can predispose an individual to substance abuse and addiction. A history of substance abuse or addiction in a family can make an individual more likely to engage in this behavior and experience problems with addiction.

The Environment- The environment can influence substance abuse and addiction just as much as biology and genes will. If a person grows up in a family where substance abuse is accepted then the person believes that this behavior is normal and they are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol and suffer from addiction.

Developmental Considerations-The development stage of an individual will also help determine whether or not substance abuse and addiction become a problem. If substance abuse occurs at one of the critical developmental stages then addiction is more likely to happen. Teens are more likely to experience substance abuse and addiction because their brains are still growing and developing, and this is also why teens tend to make poor choices and engage in risky behavior.