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1. Distance From Old Habits and Places- When you choose one of the drug rehab centers Canada you can put some distance between you and your old habits and places. Often these factors contribute to a relapse, and that can mean further rounds of treatment are needed in order to get permanent results.

2. A Fresh Start- When you are trying to change your activities and stop substance abuse then drug rehab centers Canada can help you get a fresh start and a new beginning. You will not know anyone, and they will not be aware of your past or your substance abuse issues unless you tell them. Sometimes a fresh start can help you achieve a permanent recovery.

3. Get Away From Friends Who Use- Running into old buddies and friends who have used with you in the past can frequently trigger a relapse. When you decide to use one of the drug rehab centers Canada you will get away from old friends and acquaintances who still use. This can help you stay on the road to recovery and keep you from sliding back into old habits.

4. Focus Only On Your Drug Addiction Treatment- Drug rehab centers Canada can help you focus solely on your addiction treatment and recovery. There are fewer distractions when you choose a program that is remotely located and far from your normal life and activities. When you focus on your drug addiction treatment you will generally get better results.

5. Effective Treatment Methods- Some drug rehab centers Canada offer the most effective treatment methods and proven techniques, and this can mean a more effective recovery and results that actually last.