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My addiction, my Suzy Substance
My mystery manipulator.
My Master and My Mistress
My lover, my lawyer, my slut, my judge.
Likes of water and fudge.

My imprisonment from false conviction.
With bondage chained to my destruction.
My freedom caged in a psychological jail cell
Sentenced by you. Confined and sentenced by you.

My affection, my continued loyalty, and hopes.
You took to your advantage: My mind, your manipulation.
Teasing my release in substitution by 18-24 hour passes.
Following false senses, all you ever did was give me
A sense of healing, a sense of freedom’s possibility,
A sense of possible freedom. A chance of appeal to my bondage.
To the bullshit passes, 18-24 hours of an open door.

My case reviewed by you, my requests denied by you.
Your creation of my affliction to all of my addictions.
You locked me up by persuasion, by manipulation of my situation.

My release is long overdue. My release, long overdue.
My family & fellows have bailed me out by a simple word,

I, Eric paid your expenses, paid for your stay.
I, covered your comforts, I covered your debts.
Bankruptcy I attempted to avoid.
Payouts by my emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, the list goes on.
Lost in love.